Volunteer Programs and Services

Volunteer For Project Empathy!

We believe that everyone can discover the wellness that can be achieved through mindful activity and compassionate teaching or learning. As such, many people can develop empath-specific events and activities for this community. Many activities can benefit our community, and help to find a sense of mindful awareness and lead toward compassion and wellness for our many group members.

Volunteer Group Facilitation:

We typically ask that volunteers who would like to develop groups engage with our community to help find the passion and develop ideas around this kind of service. We also are creating a board for our organization, anyone can attend a board meeting and also become a voting member, if available for this kind of commitment. Any idea is welcome, please attend with us and contact our organizers to develop these opportunities. 

Volunteer Agency Partners:

We also connect our activity with the generous commitment of time and resources for voulnteering in the larger community. We would like to network with volunteer agencies and partners that can increase giving and compassionate dedication for our members who may like to arrange volunteer opportunities. Please contact our organizers for details.