About Us

Our Values

We work from a focus point of compassion. Love is the common thread that ties humanity together across time and space. When we align with love and exercise compassion, the results will be reduced human suffering. Sustainability is the only way to operate long-term, so we strive to model a sustainable business and teaching model that can transverse cultures and times, creating long-term peer reviewed bodies of knowledge, with common core content rooted in mindfulness across all subject matters and teaching platforms. We strive to instill a sense of empathy to every life we touch through community education and technological innovation. We value honest and mindful, compassionate and thoughtful, communities of inquiry.  We support the 12 Goals of the United Nations and support the larger mission that is their purpose. We are in a time like none other in human history, where we are fully connected day and night, and we value and honor this connection by creating positive  empathic interactions through technology and in our communities.

Get involved today!

Be a part of Project Empathy today. Start a volunteer group, come to a class, share a book with a friend, or walk in nature with your pet, mindfully. Project Empathy reaches into everything, every part of life, where love and compassion can align. Become a part of our amazing Facebook Community to share how you are embracing Project Empathy. Each Week, we will pick one amazing story from our Facebook Community to put into our 2018 Project Empathy Yearbook! 

What does this mean to you?

Our mission includes teaching teachers how to utilize mindfulness in the creation, teaching and assessing of their students.

Our Mission Statement:

 "We are committed to creating and modeling to the world compassionate solutions to reduce human suffering, utilizing mindfulness in community education, while maintaining a holistically balanced, enlightened and empathically focused curriculum through all classes of subject matter and methods of delivery to diverse populations world-wide."