About Our Groups

Empath-Specific Meditation Classes

Spend the morning practicing guided meditation! It helps to start the day mindfully and with clarity. Experience a compassionately guided and well-designed meditation with our experienced host!

Mindfulness Classes

What is mindfulness? How do we say, or define it? What is Empathy? Is there a way to understand Empathy, emotional regulation, and interpersonal skills for well-being? Yes there is! Our classes offer the skills needed to define mindfulness, and compassionately practice skills for balancing empathy and also skills for shielding ourselves from negative experiences. This empath-specific course can be shown to improve these skills. 


Our lead organizer Danielle has developed a fitness program for empaths, to synchronize mind and body and to combine self-compassion and personal fitness in a unique way. Also, there is soon to be available a nutrition course, when these courses combine they add the physical and spiritual elements and combine with core mindfulness, for optimal balance and healthy living.